Why Knowledge Maps?


Knowledge maps is a project where we as a community figure out the 10 best resources to solve a problem or understand an issue.

Simple as that!

These days, we get much of our information through various links/URLs. But most of the time we face a problem where we have to do multiple google queries or go to blogs or forums to figure out those few set of resources that are actually useful.

Why not we as a community get together and collectively figure out the best resources that explain an issue or solve a problem.
For example, here are the 10 best resources (curated by the community) to understand the issue of Panama Papers leak
So, the next time you have a problem:

  • 1. Start a Map (enter title of your problem and its description).
  • 2. Invite friends and the knowledge maps community to get recommended resources.
  • 3. Curate the suggestions and share your map with the world.

  • That's all!

    But we feel its impact could be huge!

    Because big publication houses always take over google (as a result of good SEO), but they do not necessarily offer the best information. Also, people write on the same topics for which the google queries are lucrative but leave the rest alone.

    For stuff like how to register your company or get a government paper, you can never find information for that in one place.
    For this we feel that user generated content is the answer.

    It is magical what websites like Wikipedia have been able to pull off. One of the main reasons for the success of Wikipedia were the initial members behind the platform which they called “The Gang of 500”.

    If you feel our vision is something that you believe in, join the community and come be a part of our “Gang”.